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Ruger Precision Rifle
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Ruger Precision Rifle Stock Bumper

Ruger Precision Rifle
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Ruger Precision Rifle Mag Release Extension

AR Buttstock Rail

AR Buttstock Rail for LUTH-AR Stocks

Ultimate Rail-Pod

Ultimate Rail-Pod

P3 Ultimate Target Stand

P3 Ultimate Target Stand

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P3 Mono Grip Instructions
1. Remove the rubber bumper with the Allen Wrench.

2. Install the Allen Wrench into the bottom of the cam body until it engages the spring guide.
3. Back the spring guide out until the spring guide tip has enough clearance to slide onto the rail.

4. Slide the P3 Mono Grip onto the rail and center it over a rail slot with a solid bottom.

5. Tighten the spring guide up until it bottoms in the rail slot.  Only mild tension is needed to tighten the grip. (Do not over tighten the spring guide!!!)

6. Reinstall the rubber bumper.
Note: The cam lock set screw may need to be adjusted periodically.  To adjust the set screw you must first position the up and down center slot of the cam body with the cam lock set screw.  Thread the set screw in until it bottoms in the slot and back it out approximately ¾ turn.  If the set screw turns freely you must reapply blue Loctite to the threads.  (See graphic)
Note: The P3 Mono Grip can also be tightened or loosened from the rail with the use of a 5/16 socket.  You must first disassemble the Grip by removing the cam lock set screw.  When the Grip is apart the hex on the end of the spring guide will be exposed for tightening or loosing.  (See graphic)
P3 Mono Grip Usage

Turn the knurled part of the cam body clockwise or counter clockwise until it loosens up and pops out.   When it pops out to full extension lock the cam body into place by turning it clockwise or counter clockwise.  Reverse steps to collapse the P3 Mono Grip.