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All Purpose Gun Level Instructions

These instructions assume the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is being used to secure the firearm.

Step 1:
Using the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise, secure the firearm for leveling.
Step 2:
Install the All Purpose Gun Level on a flat part of your firearm.
Step 3:
Using the leveling legs on the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise, level the firearm.
Step 4:
Look thru your scope at a vertical reference line to see if your crosshairs are straight. If they are not, loosen the scope mount screws and align them with the vertical reference line.

Gun Level Instructions

(The vertical reference line can be any straight vertical edge. Example: A door jam, a hanging weighted string, a vertical pole, a leveled target. Make sure your vertical reference line is vertical by checking with a carpenter's level first.)

Below you can see exactly what happens when your sights are not leveled. Even 5 degrees of difference can be a big deal as you can see from these real targets! You might not notice the difference from 100 yards but you'll notice the difference at 300 yards when that trophy buck thunders off into the brush!

Gun Level Instructions

Below is a video that demonstrates the All Purpose Gun Level being used for crosshair alignment.